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The Association Francophone de la Vallée (AFV) works for the development of the French-speaking community through the organization of activities, workshops and shows. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions of cultural, educational or community projects.


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About the Franc-Parler

Le Franc-Parler is a monthly newsletter distributed between September and June to all francophones who would like to read it. It is a very important communication tool for the AFV, because it keeps the community inform on all activities, services, workshops in French that are available in the Annapolis Valley.

How to participate?

Do you want to have your French-language written work published in our newsletter ?  Send us your open letters and articles ! Would you simply like to receive this newsletter by e-mail? Contact us!

Living our language, taking part in our culture, thriving in French, the AFV is all that… and so much more !

The Association francophone de la Vallée d’Annapolis (AFV) is a non-profit organization working to promote the French language and francophone culture in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Through the organization of activities and the setting up of various means, it works for the development of the Francophone community. By providing the population with diversified projects and activities that meet their needs and interests, the AFV aims to ensure the long-term growth of the Francophone community for the entire territory between Digby and Windsor.

The Association is active in priority sectors (sociocultural, educational, economic and community). It is essential that such programming of activities and events exist so that Francophones who reside in a predominantly English-speaking environment can live in their own language, partipate in their culture and flourish in French.

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