The Committee

Let us introduce our dynamic council board and work team :

Director’s office

Sabin Basque


Geneviève Lefebvre


Julie Arsenault


Originally from New-Brunswick, Julie arrived in Nova Scotia in 2005 for a few years to finally return almost 2 years ago. She enjoys getting involved in the French community in order to promote the French language in a minority context. She likes challenges and is devoted in overcoming them. Julie is a calm and smiling person.

Claudia Marchand


The Council Board

Vanessa Bouchard

Community representative

Vanessa is an incredibly ambitious and bold person.  She is a strong leader and has a great sense of humour.  Born in Saguenay, Québec, she arrived in Nova-Scotia about a year ago.  Being part of the AFV is important to her and she is passionate about this role, as she cares about getting involved in her new community.  She is a highly energetic person and is up for any challenge.

Annie-Pierre Gagné

Parent representative

A native of Quebec, Annie-Pierre has lived in Nova Scotia since 2013. Starting in September 2014, her eldest daughter’s entrance at Rose-des-Vents school was an opportunity to learn about the Francophone culture of the Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley. Annie-Pierre was first involved in the parents’ committee and then the advisory school committee. Since last April, she sits on the board of the AFV as a member representing the parents. Thanks to her energy, her dynamism and her passion for event planning, she hopes to contribute to the expansion of the AFV’s activities, thus enabling many other Francophone families to strengthen their sense of belonging to the Valley.

Beverly Amirault

Teacher representative

Isabel MacDonald

Student representative


Brigitte Boyle

General director

As a Montrealer who recently moved to the Valley Brigitte wanted to get involved in the community as quickly as possible to help the French language and culture thrive in the area.  With enthusiasm and a dynamic character, she works daily to reach this goal by establishing new partnerships and developing new projects and ideas.  Brigitte is a people person and she is very positive.  Her door is always open !

Marie-Josée Dassylva

Before and after school care service coordinator