It is your turn to participate ! Ask us your questions, tell us about your projects or about the activities you’d like the AFV to organize for the community ! We will do our best to make those ideas come to life and to answer your questions !

How can I get involved with the French Community in the Valley ?

You can contact the AFV to have your name added to our list of volunteers. In doing so, you will be able to help us with our various activities ! It is also possible to get involved as a counsellor for our council board, depending on the positions available at the moment.

I would like to promote an activity using the Franc-Parler and the AFV’s social media pages. Is that possible ?

The AFV is always interested in offering some visibility to the activities that feature the French-speaking community in the Valley. Contact our general director to discuss the different ways we could collaborate.

What is the next activity offered by the AFV ?

In order to find out about the complete programming of our activities, workshops and trainings, we invite you to consult our « programs and activities » section, which is updated regularly by our team.

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